History of Gillespie Coatings Operating, LLC

Gillespie Coatings Operating, LLC was incorporated on June 14, 1955 as The Gillespie Varnish company of Texas. The company moved into the existing plant facility in 1968. In 1969 the name was changed to Gillespie Coatings, Inc. In 2021, Gillespie Coatings, Inc. began operating as Gillespie Coatings Operating, LLC.

The operation emphasis of the company has been transportation, equipment and maintenance coatings. Over the years, Gillespie has dealt with a number of major customers in these fields. In addition, GCO provides coatings for many small customers.

Gillespie Coatings products include both air dry and baking enamel coatings in alkyd and modified alkyd systems. Solvent based products are available in conventional compliant and high solids compliant formulations. Air dry systems are available as alkyd, modified alkyd and urethane acrylic products. Two part systems include alkyd, modified alkyd and hardener. Customized water borne systems are available for industrial applications. In addition, GCO is a distributor for PPG Ameron Heavy Duty Maintenance Coatings that have limitless coating applications.

The goal of Gillespie Coatings Operating, LLC has always been to produce quality coatings at a reasonable price.